Transform Your Look with Permanent Hair Extensions

Are you ready to embrace a new look with lasting appeal? Permanent hair extensions offer a transformative solution to achieve the hair you've always dreamed of. At Neharkar Wig Studio, we specialize in the art of enhancing your natural beauty through high-quality permanent hair extensions. Whether you desire longer locks, added volume, or a touch of color, our expert technicians are here to make your hair dreams a reality.

Our permanent hair extensions are meticulously applied, ensuring a seamless blend with your existing hair. With a variety of extension types and methods to choose from, you can select the perfect style that complements your individual taste and lifestyle. Indulge in the versatility, confidence, and allure that permanent hair extensions provide, allowing you to enjoy your new, stunning look day after day.

The Different Types Of Permanenet Hair Extenisons

When it comes to the world of Hair Toppers, there are several types to choose from, each designed to cater to unique preferences and needs. These toppers are typically categorized based on their base type, and the primary types include

1. Tape In Hair Extension

If you're seeking a quick and efficient way to enhance your hair, tape-in extensions are the ideal choice. These extensions consist of wefts that vary in length, ranging from 1.5 to 30 inches. Each weft is equipped with polyurethane tape tabs on either one or both sides, custom-cut to match its size. With tape-in extensions, your natural hair is gently secured between these extensions, creating a seamless and hassle-free application process.


2. Micro Ring Extension

Micro ring hair extensions consist of compact bundles of hair that are threaded through tiny sections of your own hair. These extensions are then firmly fastened using a metal bead, which is clamped around the bonded section with the aid of pliers. For added convenience, micro loop extensions are also available. These extensions come pre-equipped with a loop and bead, eliminating the need for a separate loop tool during the attachment process.


3. Hot Fusion Hair Extension

Hot fusion is a meticulous technique that demands the expertise of a trained professional. The process commences with a keratin U-tip bond, equipped with a protective silicone lining, which is then affixed to the extension. Using a specialized heating tool, the extension is carefully bonded to the roots of your natural hair. The silicone lining serves as a safeguard, shielding your hair from any potential heat-related damage.


4. Weaving

The weaving technique for hair extensions entails the formation of a horizontal cornrow within your natural hair. Subsequently, your hair extensions are skillfully sewn into the cornrow using a needle and cotton thread. This process essentially "weaves" the extensions seamlessly into your hair. Typically, this method is popular among individuals with thick hair, as it effectively conceals the extensions to ensure a natural look.

Planning To Get Permanent Hair Extensions?

Permanent hair extensions can be worn continuously for many months. They attached to your hair using the strand-by-strand by method. This process uses many micro rings or bonds to attach the extension to many strands so that these extensions can last for at least 6-8 months. When using our Tape-in Extensions, MicroRings or Keratin Bond Extensions, you can either enlist the help of a skilled friend or visit a professional hair Studio to help you attach the human hair extensions

But will they damage my hair?

As with everything else, getting permanent hair extensions too requires some amount of care and maintenance on a regular basis. But if the extensions have been clipped in properly, it will cause minimal to no hair damage. If not attached properly, they cause unnecessary pressure to the follicles, resulting in hair loss. Using good quality extensions, speaking to your stylist and regularly maintaining it will prevent damage and make your hair look better than it ever has!

Hair extensions can either be made from 100% human hair or synthetic hair. But if you want absolutely natural-looking results, human hair extensions are definitely a better choice. Synthetic hair not only looks fake but is also very susceptible to damage, thus minimising its longevity. If you get human hair extensions, then you can colour, curl and style them, which could be difficult to do on synthetic extensions.

One of the most important things to remember before getting permanent hair extensions is that you will have to spend at least a few extra minutes to wash, style and maintain them. You should never blow dry your hair extensions as it can loosen the glue, make your hair sticky and even slip down. You will need to prevent them from getting tangled while you sleep and to do this, you must tie your hair in a loose braid or bun and cover it with a satin scarf or switch to a satin pillowcase. Invest in a good quality leave-in conditioner and apply it after every hair wash, without fail.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Getting Hair Extensions

If you are interested in adding a few strands of extra hair to your natural mane, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before getting the procedure done.

  • Always get the hair extensions placed in your hair with the help of a professional stylist. Some of the extensions might look easy enough to do by yourself, but doing so can definitely harm your hair.
  • The extensions that you place in should not be too tight. If you are experiencing any sort of pain or discomfort, immediately talk to your hair stylist and get it rectified.
  • Always go for extensions that are of good quality, even though they might be more expensive. You don’t want accessories in your hair that can cause damage later.
  • Remember to take care of your natural hair. Hair that is damaged cannot bear much styling, even if it is only hair extensions. Oil your hair regularly, go for regular treatments and take good care of it

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