Start a new exciting career

Start a new exciting career

Are you interested in an exciting new career? Or perhaps you want to add a new and popular skill into your hairdressing arsenal? Whatever it is, with Neharkar Wig Studio hair extension training courses we can help you get there. If you are looking to get professionally certified in the art of hair extensions, we have a range of courses designed to cater to the most popular hair extension methods including pre-bonded, micro-ring and tape hair extensions. All our courses are taught by professionals with years of experience in the industry.

With Hair Extension Mastery, we provide in depth education to you either online or in person. We make it easy for you to learn how to do hair extensions, grow your business and make more money. You'll walk away with a certification to provide the best types of hair extensions with confidence, in turn wowing your clients, and creating a steady income stream. All our courses last from 10-6 pm with lunch included. The courses we offer are all available as either a 1-day fast track or 3-day intensive programme. All necessary materials are supplied.

Who Is It For?

Whether you’re starting from scratch or an experienced beauty professional seeking to expand your skillset, Neharkar Wig Studio’s Hair Extension Training Masterclass is perfect for you.

No Experience Required

No prior experience is needed to start with us. Our small in-person classes ensure personalized attention for every student.

Industry Leading Trainers

Our trainers are experienced beauty professionals with thriving businesses, providing both vocational and real-world business insights.

Industry Leading Buisnes Starter Kit

Our classes come with a top-quality kit to help you establish your business, featuring high-quality and hypoallergenic products.

Learn In Person & Online

Join us in-person or online from anywhere worldwide. Group training and video call support are available for your confidence and success.


  • Basics of Hair
  • Temporary Hair Extension
  • Permanent Hair Extension
  • Micro Beads Extension
  • Nano Bead Extension
  • Glue Extension
  • Tape Extension
  • Weff Extension
  • Female Topper & Wig
  • Male Patches
  • Hair Extension Colours & Tones
  • Working With Clients
  • Sectioning & Installation Techniques


The best stylists are the ones who have the strongest education. This module will walk the students through the ins and outs of the hair extension industry providing them with all the basic information required when starting to offer hair extensions.

The module will cover the following chapters:

  • Industry overview
  • Benefits of hair extension
  • Types of hair extension
  • Who is suitable for hair extensions
  • Different categories of extensions

Mastering the art of identifying the quality of the hair is one of the most crucial parts when working with hair extensions. This module will lay out the detailed assessment of hair quality and its types.

The module will cover the following chapters:

  • Human Hair V/S Synthetic Hair
  • Remy Hair V/S Non-Remy Hair
  • Hair Textures
  • Hair tests

This module is designed to provide a detailed guide of temporary hair extensions covering both theory and practical sessions.

The module will cover the following chapters:

  • Introduction to Temporary Hair Extensions
  • Benefits of hair extension
  • Types of Temporary Hair Extensions
  • Pros & Cons of Temporary Hair Extensions
  • Installation Techniques
  • Aftercare of Temporary Extensions
  • Client Consultation

Since these are the most popular and commonly done extensions, this module provides a detailed guide to the students covering end-to-end knowledge.

The module will cover the following chapters:

  • Introduction to Fusion Hair Extensions
  • Types of Fusion Hair Extensions
  • Pros & Cons of Fusion Hair Extensions
  • Installation Techniques
  • Aftercare of Fusion Extensions

Female Hair toppers are gaining vast popularity due to increasing hair loss problems in females. This module will cover in-depth knowledge of working with female toppers and wigs.

The module will cover the following chapters:

  • Introduction to Hair Toppers & Wigs
  • Difference between Toppers and Wigs
  • Pros & Cons of both
  • Installation Techniques for both
  • Aftercare guide

This module contains a detailed guide of male patching techniques along with the right product knowledge and descriptions.

The module will cover the following chapters:

  • Introduction to Male Patches
  • Types and qualities in male patches
  • Types of hair extension
  • Types and qualities in male patches
  • Pros & Cons of male patches
  • Products requisites
  • Installation Techniques of male patches
  • Aftercare guide

With this module, students will learn how to properly color match their client’s hair and ways that extensions can be used for adding color to a client’s natural hair.

The module will cover the following chapters:

  • Hair Extension Colors
  • Getting the perfect match
  • Working with tones and levels
  • Using extensions to add color

Understanding the requirements of the client is the most essential factor when working with hair extensions. This module will guide the students about how to work with clients and what to expect at your consultation appointment. This is a power-packed module and includes all of the assessment procedures, forms, and checklists that you will need.

The module will cover the following chapters:

  • Learn what to cover during a client consultation
  • Determine how to assess a client’s hair & suggest the best option
  • The importance of client’s aftercare & maintenance
  • How to keep your customers satisfied & coming back
  • Determining how many extensions your client will need

This module provides all the essential knowledge for a seamless installation covering all the basic points to be considered while performing the hair extension installation.

The module will cover the following chapters:

  • Learn the proper installation patterns for short, medium, and long hair
  • How to take proper sections in client’s hair for extensions placement
  • The best way to perfectly blend the extensions in with the client’s hair
  • How to use extensions to add length, volume, and style

Ways to Learn

In Person

Embrace hands-on learning in our salons or opt for personalized 1-on-1 training at your location. Our expert educators cater to beginners and skilled hairdressers alike, ensuring you gain full confidence in extension application. We also offer team training to boost your salon's profits.


Learn at your convenience using mobile, tablet, or computer. Receive coaching and assessments to ensure your extension skills are top-notch before earning your certificate. Connect with fellow hairdressers in a private online forum to build a supportive community.


Join our full-day group training sessions to master Flat Track Weft Hair Extensions. Our class sizes are limited to provide maximum individual attention from your educator. You'll also gain access to online training videos for continuous learning and improvement.

All Training Option Include

• Consultation to assess which extensions are most suited, along with estimating the number of extensions required.
• Preparation, sectioning and placement of hair extensions.
• How to colour match client’s hair, along with colouring/toning/balayaging extensions.
• Proper application of hair extensions.
• Cutting and Blending Techniques.
• Adding volume and length, along with highlights and colour mixing.
• All areas of maintenance including after care for extensions.
• Background of hair, hair textures, lengths and colours available.

• Legal requirements & waivers.
• Customer Care and how to creating raving customers!
• Market your business using social media, website, email marketing and collaborations with influencers & other businesses.
• Build a brand that reflects you and your style.
• How to handle difficult customers & complaints.
• Take your business to the next level, whether that’s starting a business, or opening a salon.
• Build loyalty and referral programs to reward your customers & keep them coming back.

• Continual email and phone support from our team.
• Help with colour matching and colour recommendations.
• How to handle difficult clients and complaints.
• Kept up to date with the latest trends and news.
• Supply of premium quality hair extensions.

What is Included in the Class Fee?

Alongside your training day or online course, your Neharkar Hair Extension package includes a comprehensive business starter kit. This kit comprises top-tier products to support your business establishment and includes the following:

  • 1x Black Training Kit Bag
  • 1x Training Mannequin Head With Human Hair
  • 1x Mannequin Stand
  • 1x Color Ring
  • 1x Removal Pliers
  • 1x Hot Fusion Machine
  • 1x Tail Comb
  • 1x Microlink Looper Tool
  • Fusion Scalp Protectors
  • Tape Hair
  • I-Tip Hair
  • U-Tip Hair
  • Re-Tapes
  • Variety of Hair Clips
  • Microlink Beads
  • Micro Ring Pulling Needles
  • Hair Scissors cutting
  • Protection Shields
  • Clips
  • Clip ons Extensions
  • Keratin Glue Extension free
  • Glue Extensions Remover
  • Protection shields and hair clips
  • Scalp Protectors
  • Hair Extensions brush
  • Weave Comb

Certification Programs

Alongside your training day or online course, your Neharkar Hair Extension package includes a comprehensive business starter kit. This kit comprises top-tier products to support your business establishment and includes the following:

1 Day Training

Dive into the basics and gain hands-on experience with live models during this comprehensive single-day session.

3 Day Training

Our comprehensive three-day program offers an in-depth exploration with 10 advanced modules, diving into the intricacies of various hair extension methods.

5 Day Training

Elevate your skills with our five-day training course, delving into advanced techniques like dreadlocks and permanent patching, expanding your expertise in the field.

Key Takeaways

Individual Attention

Experience personalized guidance with our small batch sizes, ensuring maximum comfort and tailored support for every student.

Products & Tools

Get access to real tools and products for hands-on practice, allowing you to gain a true-to-life experience in our teaching sessions.

Live Experience

Engage with real clients during live consultations and hands-on practice, providing invaluable insights into client interaction and the art of hairstyling.

After Support Service

We offer round-the-clock support for any urgent needs. Our experts are just a call away, ready to assist you whenever and wherever you need help.

Get started by selecting one of the courses below!

Cost: ₹1,10,000

5 Day Course in Mulund, West Mumbai

Topics Covered

  • Hair extension theory
  • Business Skills
  • Hair extensions knowledge
  • Hair extensions application
  • Colour matching & blending techniques
  • Aftercare advice
  • Basic product and equipment description.
  • Performing Proper Client Consultations
  • Applying Highlight & Lowlight Extensions
  • Additional Services
  • Income Potential & Pricing Breakdown
  • Extensions maintenance & removal
  • How to manage customer expectations
  • Social Media Training
  • Digital marketing – social media for your business
  • Know the Cross and Upselling techniques
  • Proven Success Tips
  • Building Your Client Base
  • Assembling Your Portfolio
  • Practical Hands On Application
  • Maintenence Skills

Included in the course cost

  • Lunch (including coffee/tea)
  • Professional & Thorough Course Manual
  • Extensive Training with Small Class Sizes
  • Certificate Upon Successful Completion
  • Zero Cost for Future Class Attendance Until Certified
  • Extensions Kits.

INR 20,000/-

One day Training Inclusive of Master Class + Kit

INR 35,000/-

Three days training inclusive of master class + kit

INR 110,000/-

Five days training inclusive of master class + kit

Why choose Neharkar Wig Studio Training Academy?

At Neharkar Wig Studio Training Academy in Mumbai, we offer comprehensive training in the field of Hair Wigs and Hair Patch Techniques. Located in Mulund West, Mumbai, we provide various courses, including Hair Weaving, Hair Bonding, Hair Replacement, Hair Fixing, Ladies Hair Wigs Fixing, Cutting of Hair Patch, Permanent Hair Extensions, and Fixing of Hair Patch or Hair Wig pieces.

Hair Patches are gaining popularity worldwide, with many Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities using them. The use of these patches is so seamless that it’s nearly impossible to detect. Learning these techniques can greatly benefit you and your business. If you’re considering investing in this trending system, our Hair Wigs Training is an excellent choice.

Anand V Neharkar is a reputable name in the hair industry and is associated with the renowned company “Planet of Hair Cloning.” We specialize in manufacturing high-quality hair wigs for men and women, as well as wigs for cancer patients and those undergoing chemotherapy, using natural human hair. Our wigs are of superior quality, providing a natural look that’s indistinguishable from real hair. Choose Neharkar Wig Studio Training Academy for the best quality and expertise in the industry.

Courses Available

Hair Extensions Training

Permanent Hair Extensions Training

Hair Replacement Techniques Training

Hair Weaving Training

Hair Bonding Training

Hair Wigs Training

Cutting Hair Patch Training

Hair Patch Cleaning Process Training

Hair Fixing Training

Ladies Hair Wigs Fixing Training

Female Toppers & Wigs Training