Hair Fixing

We advice and give you only particular combs and brushes which will increase the life of the hair patch.

1) Use brushes or combs with soft bristles. Normal brushes act as a blade and remove hair on hair patches. We recommend and give few brands of brushes which are broad and soft. We also give soft pocket combs.
2) Try not to touch the base of the patch when combing hair.

Average life of a hair patch is 1.5 to 2 yrs. However, life of the hair patch might come down to say 9 months, if you don’t take care of it properly by using normal brushes, combs & shampoos.

You can apply shampoo, conditioner, non sticky oils etc recommended by NEHARKAR WIG. They are neutral based products( PH value of 7) non detergent based ,which will enhance the life of the hair patch. There are few in the market but they are expensive. So we give you our own brand of conditioners and shampoos to our customers only, which are affordable.

We give a live-on spray conditioner which you can spray after shower and after hair is dried. You have to dry hair in soft mode for 2 to 3 minutes. This conditioner will have a moisturizing effect and give a hold on the hair. Unlike natural hair which will get moisture directly from the scalp.

Initially for a couple of weeks, till you get accustomed to the hair patch, we don’t advise head bath directly under shower. You have to do the old style of head bath with a mug and pouring water on your head. After a few weeks, you will get accustomed to the hair patch. Also don’t apply shampoo directly on hair. You have to dilute the shampoo with water and then apply to hair and rinse it.Otherwise you will get tangles in hair and removing tangles is tough and hair loss can happen in the process. We can do refilling for the hair loss but it is always good to take precautions to not lose the hair.

We advise hair wash maximum once or twice in a week. Avoid sea water or contaminated water for head baths. And finally, see the change after hair fixing – customers look younger and confident. It always brings smiles on customer’s faces. We at Neharkar Wig Studio are always happy to see the smiles on customer’s faces after hair fixing.

The maintenance period for our hair fixing methods are

1. Hair Clipping – no maintenance required

2. Hair Bonding – Monthly once (it can be done by yourself also using Do It Yourself Kit))

3. Hair Weaving – once in 2 months After hair fixing, Look will be 100% Natural & Undetectable.