Transform your look with Clip In Hair Extensions.

Clip-in hair extensions are the top choice for effortlessly adding length, volume, and a splash of color to your natural hair. These extensions work like magic, transforming your appearance within minutes. The benefits of clip-in extensions are numerous, making them a favorite among stylists and everyday users.

Applying clip-in hair extensions is a breeze and completely temporary, taking only a few minutes. They are attached using gentle, pressure-sensitive clips, ensuring zero harm to your own hair. In contrast, other, more permanent extension methods can be harsh, potentially leading to damage, breakage, or even hair loss.

Benefits of Clip In Hair Extensions

  • Easy to Apply
  • Low Maintenance
  • Damage Free
  • Temporary
  • Freedom to put them on and remove them whenever you want
  • Cost Effective
  • Clip-in premium quality hair extensions
  • Quick and easy to style
  • Gives you longer and fuller hair instantly
  • You can buy them in multiple colors and styles to change up your look on a regular basis

Different types of Clip-On Hair Extensions?

4-Clip Ear to Ear Volumizer

Experience instant hair transformation with our 4 Clip Ear to Ear Volumizer Hair Extension. This exceptional extension piece, featuring four clips, effortlessly adds length and volume to your hair. Crafted by experts, it seamlessly blends into your natural hair, remaining virtually undetectable.

Whether you want to enhance the volume of your hair or add a splash of color, our Ear-to-Ear Clip-in Volumizer is the ideal solution. It's perfect for those who prefer the DIY approach without relying on a hairstylist. With its four clips at the back, this extension is incredibly easy to wear and remove as needed. The lightweight design ensures a seamless and natural look.

1-Piece Set

The 1-piece extension systems provide a quick and easy way to achieve an instant and stunning hairstyle. These versatile systems come in various lengths to suit your preferences. Our most sought-after extensions for adding length are expertly crafted by hairdo. Additionally, we offer the popular EasiVolume extensions by easihair, specifically designed to add volume effortlessly.

These 1-piece extension systems are perfect for beginners and are ideal for anyone, regardless of their prior experience. You can enjoy a beautiful new look without the need for extensive practice or expertise. Whether you want to add length or enhance your hair's volume, our 1-piece sets offer a convenient solution for your styling needs.

4-Pieces Set

The 4 pieces set has an
8″- 4 clips pc
6″ – 3 clips pc
4″ – 2 clips pc (2 nos)

The 8″ & 6″ pieces are clipped behind the head in layers. The 4″ pieces are clipped at the sides of the head. This is the go-to piece for women who want all round coverage and a very natural look. Since the weight of the hair is distributed over the scalp, the piece is very comfortable for all day wear.

The 4 pieces set is available in lengths 14”, 18” and 22” in ready stock at the store. Any other length you need can be customised within 7-10 working days.

Multiple Pieces

Our 2-piece extension systems provide a straightforward solution for added volume and length. These systems include a wider piece that clips in higher on your head and a smaller piece that attaches at the nape. Much like the 1-piece system, they are hassle-free and ideal for those new to using extensions.

For those seeking more options, our 8-piece and 10-piece systems offer a range of wefted hair widths, starting from the smallest and increasing in size from the bottom. These multi-piece systems deliver the utmost styling versatility, although they may require some practice during application. They are a great choice if you have prior experience working with clip-in hair extensions. Enjoy the flexibility and creative possibilities of our multi-piece set clip-in hair extensions.

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